Upcoming Events

Cabernet is King

Tasting with Steak Frites
October 6
Faculty Club

More details to come.

Future Events

Early October will be our Cabernet is King tasting event, and as we have many fine cabs to try, this will be an evening to taste eight mature, right in the sweet spot, cabs, that have been resting quietly in the cellar waiting to be opened. Watch for the details in the next newsletter in September.

We have been talking to the Turf Lounge to secure a Melbourne Cup night on November second. Prior to booking the venue, we will need to determine what interest there might be for a Melbourne Cup night and will ask everyone at the barbeque.

The Annual Holiday Dinner is scheduled for Saturday December 6th at the Faculty Club, with dinner and dancing, wines and a festive evening. This was a great success last year, so watch out for the details in upcoming newsletters.

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